West Virginia Higher Education Faculty Issues 2020-2021

The ACF advises the West Virginia Legislature to provide a high quality and affordable education for West Virginians, and to recognize the continuum of state-supported learning, from Pre-K through college:

  • To extend and improve broadband capabilities to ensure West Virginia students, colleges, and industries have access to the technology needed to develop, innovate, and grow
  • To continue adapting to the challenges brought forth by the pandemic through working to sustain, improve, and protect the health and education of our students
  • To address IT needs at the institutional level through funding and trainings for faculty and staff
  • To study and improve access to mental health resources for our students, faculty, and staff statewide
  • To encourage and support recruitment for post-secondary education globalization initiatives
  • To provide transparency in campus governance, initiate faculty and staff evaluations of Board of Governors, and all administrators at the Dean level or higher